Our Story

Spicewater flows from centuries of Ayurvedic medicine and botanic health. We are a small part of a global movement to provide natural, healthy beverages to people who understand that there is a direct relationship between what we put in our bodies and how we feel.

Our founder, Nils Bunde, is a successful entrepreneur having founded Brainforest, a branding agency in Chicago with Fortune 500 clients as well as Lezzet, an importer of premium spices sold directly to consumers online. He had discovered his taste for spices as he traveled, adventuring from Turkey to Tibet from China to Chile. Nils immersed himself in the world's mosaic of tastes, textures, and amazing ingredients. 

Nils’ pursuits as a triathlete and yoga enthusiast inspired his development of better hydration with the health benefits of spices. While building his spice company and training for triathlons with friends, he had the eureka moment: he could give people a simple, easy and hydrating way to enjoy the natural elixirs that are spices. This idea turned into Spicewater, a Drink Made from Real. After two years of taste-testing and refinement, Spicewater launched in 2016 and is growing rapidly.

Spicewater is anti-inflammatory, naturally alkaline, and has a powerful boost of antioxidants. To replenish critical electrolytes, it’s infused with coconut water and sea salt in every serving. Naturally very low in sugars and calories, Spicewater is made for drinking all day. Whether you're running a marathon or running after your kids, hiking a trail or working in the office, whatever you do, we aim to keep you in the game of life.