Drink Naturally – Three Spices That Will Change Your Health

The options available to quench our thirst in today’s world are seemingly endless. Unfortunately though, many of the more popular options like soda and energy drinks are filled with artificial sugars, chemicals, additives and harsh ingredients.  Some of these ingredients have even been linked to things like cancer, liver problems and depression.

There’s a problem with what we are drinking for refreshment today, and Lezzet has a solution: Spicewater, an all-natural powdered beverage mix made of ginger, mint and cinnamon. Spicewater contains absolutely no anticaking agents, MSG, or preservatives. It’s a unique combination of great tasting spices that hydrates the body and offers a seemingly endless list of antioxidants and health benefits.
But why should we drink something with just spices in it? The unique combination of spices in Spicewater creates a powerful blend of natural ingredients that fuels the body with a natural energy boost. And each of the three spices used in Spicewater flavors play a unique role in supporting better health and refreshment for the body.
Ginger: This zesty spice is widely known through herbal medicine for its positive effects for problems like muscle pain, gas, arthritis, and even cancer.  It’s also known to be a great immune boosting substance for the body as well. In a study published in Osteoarthritis Cartilage, researchers also reported that after six months of using ginger, patients who were utilizing the spice as a part of their daily treatment were in significantly less arthritis pain than those studied who did not. 
Mint: Mint is not just something that smells good and makes our breath feel refreshed; this spice has a lengthy list of other health benefits.  The most widely known benefits of mint include its ability to alleviate nausea and headaches. In addition, it has also been linked to helping with respiratory issues and a healthy skin appearance. And although there are some mixed opinions out there, some research even suggests that mint can be an aid against female sterility. 
Cinnamon: The Chinese have long since viewed Cinnamon as a superpower spice for treating things like colds and indigestion, but the spice is also known to help with arthritis pain and lowering cholesterol. Diabetics are also encouraged to use cinnamon in their diet as it can be a way to naturally lower blood sugar levels. Surprisingly enough, even taking just a quick sniff of the cinnamon spice is said to increase cognitive function and memory. 
Spicewater is caffeine and low-calorie, naturally. The blend is made with the highest quality spices from around the world. Order some today and start feeling the difference.